How Do I Get Him to Ask Me Out?

Ask Me Out

Here Is How to Smoothly Do It

In most cases you will have to be the one to take the initial step and ask the guy out. Men generally like women who are independent and confident so these tips will help you to present yourself as a confident woman.

Become a person of interestYou have to work on becoming a person of interest to the guy. Unless he sees you as a person he can get interested in he will not ask you out. Be around him, have a big group of friends and make sure he sees you keeping yourself fit and your expression levels are top notch.

Don’t look too eager It is very important that you don’t look too eager to him

If you come across as a “YES trimmed tree” he will not ask you out. You have to show him that you are a confident and self assured woman who is not looking for attention. Have a load of fun Most times it is the whole fun in a relationship that draws a man to a woman. Try and have a load of fun with him to make him see your potential.

Don’t bring up commitment or even mention that he might ask you out in future. Keep an aura of mystery and when he asks you out in the future keep responding “Maybe” or “Let’s talk about it” till you get it across that he will be rejected or rejected you and never see you again.

Work on your attitude

Your attitude has to change. If you think that you are not going to make him ask you out then you are WRONG. Have a positive body language and attitude and see how you can land yourself a date.

Be a beautiful person inside out Perfect your attitude and work on being beautiful inside out. A woman who is comfortable in her skin and looks good is very sexy to a man. So inculcate the right mannerisms and learn to enhance your assets. Have a lot of Side By Side Attention Give him a double look by giving him a side by side attention when he talks to you, each time he makes a point.

Respond to him appropriately Respond to his questions or whatever he says

A man wants a partner who listens and isn’t afraid to hear him out. So learn to listen to him graciously and remain calm responds to his questions. Don’t give him too much of the cold shoulder Be genuinely interested in him as a person… It’s one of the biggest turn on for a man. But always be a little distant and be the master of your emotions when it’s time to respond to him and calls/texts.

Talk well Be able to communicate well with your man

Learn the art of good conversation because this is one quality that makes a man say, “I want to go out with her”. Being able to converse well doesn’t mean you have to be a good talker all the time. It just means that when he wants to know something, he knows he can count on you to handle the conversation very well.

Be open about yourself

A man likes a woman who is open about herself. If you write it all down there will be no mystery, and he loves it when you are real and never lie about yourself. So be vocal about your feelings, hopes, dreams, even your problems.

Be mysteriousPretend you can read palms and give him answers and answers only to satisfy him and finally close the conversation. Tease him by playing hard to get in such a way that he calls you for a relationship.

Compliment him Compliment him only when you feel he is above you in any way. Appreciate his efforts to make the relationship work. Let him feel you are not being swayed by any external factor, however good you are.

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