Embrace The Worst


As a dating coach, I have seen many couples who go through separation, divorce, and heartbreak. These couples often remain together, but they simply don’t feel the same about each other, emotionally. Many of these people yearn for love, but when they feel a little distance, they turn tail and run.

It is as a dating coach

That I have seen singles come across the toughest relationship of their life, just to end up with the sweetest person they have ever known. Somehow the magic that was there the first time they fell in love has disappeared.

It is a very frustrating process, especially since we ourselves are not willing to confront our own feelings and face emotions that may break our heart. Sometimes it is just too difficult to make that first leap to total commitment, to let love wash away everything else, including our bad relationship karma.

Try to resist the urge to silence yourself

To imprison yourself in your own room, or look for love at someone else’s relation, but instead, empower yourself with courage and strength. You deserve to have the real love and real intimacy you deserve, just as much as anyone else does.

Perhaps, the first step in limiting the number of steps there are in life is in defining your goal as to what you want in order to make it. Often, the mistake people make in life is that they do not know what they want, so instead of taking the correct path and finding the relationship they really want, they instead insert love into their purposes.

In order to see what you are willing to lose for the love you are searching for, try this exercise. Write everything down, including what’s the most important thing in your life, you must have a job, you can’t fail to meet your financial goals, you can have a car, and so on.

You may feel your life is so grand that you don’t have to include someone in it, so make it a point to say “I must have a hobby, I’m not seeing anyone, I can’t fail to have a hobby, I MUST have a Hobby…” And then make it realistic and specific.

Imagine how silly it would feel to simply settle for having enough money for a healthy living

How ridiculous it would feel to have no car and to rely on someone else. To have nothing. To live paycheck to paycheck. To live not knowing what will happen. No, you don’t need to place prettier models on a pedestal to feel complete, no need to throw away that yourself and pretend to ignore your own needs in order to “keep your boyfriend satisfied.”

There are plenty of people who have enough money for a comfortable standard of living and aren’t in a relationship and yet are secure and happy. I am a working lady, I do not need a man to support me, I support myself, most of the days. My life is silently wonderful, perfect, a job that I do well, a house that I adore, a pet I adore, and best of all, I have the companionship of my best friend.

I have been able to accomplish all of this without ever being on a date, not being introduced to a man, or having sex. I have never given one night so much as a thought, or gave myself entirely to someone. I challenge you to do the same. I am willing to believe you can do it. silent or not, force yourself to get what you want. Focus on what you want and go get it, today, now, forever.

You will be surprised what you can do.

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