Wouldn’t You Love To Be a Pro At Getting Women Panties?

Women Panties

No matter what your answer is, you’ve surely desired a woman to not resist your advances more than they did previously. Ever have that desire fulfilled? If you’re like most men, you would have answered yes. But the problem is, a lot of women won’t admit they like it even though it is a known fact that most romance novel readers want a man who can resist them.

And, some women take it to another level by actually controlling the seduction process and trying to live up to all the movies and books they’ve read and watched. They will not reveal their actual desires because they don’t want you to feel that they are shallow. And you believe that’s just not right because you like to satisfy others… and you should believe that too because you feel that you have something to offer.

But guys, this is perfectly normal. Why?

Because you’re not appealing to her every need. She gets that. Now every guy who wants to appeal to a woman’s desires has to go through the exercise of practicing a powerful sense of abundance. Decades ago this was taught as a necessity to building confidence and then a long list of pick-up lingo was created. Men had to memorize these metronomes and then practice them in their heads to create anew knowledge.

Now, duplicating updates on napkins, behaving in manners, buying things his way… essentially men had to be re-educated, but it was done away with memorized taught and practice, in front of a mirror. Unfortunately, women can’t be re-educated. All you can do is recite it again and again, but the outcome will be the same, you’ll still fail.

But better yet, look at the other side of the coin, men’s greatest fear is that is a woman will not appease him. And how many times have you seen him grab a woman, shake her slightly, look her in the eye and tell her she’s beautiful and pretty?

You know always coming back to that same fear that you’ll be rejected and women aren’t going to like you. Failing to gain her acceptance even a single time is bad enough but failing to do it a lot of times crushing his confidence is the death-kneed. Guys who won’t accept anything less than a hundred percent positive contact from a woman have got something backwards backwards running.

So what’s the solution?

In a perfect world, both men and women could simply enjoy a healthy balance of super-confidence and super-blissfulness without having to control the Miss out curve at every step of the way. Unfortunately, MOST women and most men live their lives to please others and NEVER admit that they’d have loved it if there were no one else to blame if their relationships ever ended. But then, it’s not YOUR problem, just hers since that’s all it is, another human being.

You’re not any better than the next man or woman. You deserve to laugh, cry, share, have fun, and walk away and find a whole new wave of people who enjoy the path that you have been treading as a knight in shining armor… because the longer you tread it, the longer that tread becomes a second nature.

As you do, you get hornier and more ambitious. But ultimately it comes from the personal databases of the Internet and from the books you read. So put down the remote and let yourself BEHANCE the world and start enjoying it fully!

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