How to Be the Man of Every Woman’s Dreams

How to Be the Man

You may be a guy, but chances are, you rarely get the full attention of a girl. This is mainly because women have expectations and among these expectations is a certain level of romance. So, how to go about getting enough attention from women around you? The following tips will show you how to get a girl to notice you and become as special as her bird.

1. Dress to impress

Make sure you invest on getting a new wardrobe. If you’re just going to a coffee shop to have coffee then wear something very nice and elegant but with a touch of your own style. Don’t wear anything too formal, however, because that can be very intimidating. If you’re going to a cocktail party then look like a chic but don’t stick to a single item of clothing. Your goal here is to make yourself “hip” as opposed to “formal”.

2. Use your body language.

If you’re with a girl, lean back a bit and show her that you are having fun. Be playful but don’t be childish and definitely do not fidget! Talk in a casual manner, whisper a little and look away when you have to. Women tend to like it when you are mysterious. Also, know when to look into her eyes and when to close them. And lastly, be confident. If you have to, fake it for a while and it will grow in you eventually.

3. Get a little help

If you can’t get yourself to be a rock star or a hip hop artist, do something about it. There are so many psychology-based hypnosis programs available these days that can actually make women fall in love with you in as little as 15 minutes. That’s scary…but if you want someone to be devoted to you and only you then you’ve got to offer her a thrilling experience.

4. Be extremely handsome

If you’ve got acceptable going away allure in your eyes, then you’ve got problems. But again, if you’ve got the ultra-wow factor, then you can compensate for a lack of attraction with personality and other charms. Just don’t take yourself too seriously.

5. Make her think you’re interested

Phasize your facial expressions and hand movements to make a woman subconsciously aware that you’re interested in her. Lean in when she’s talking, nod your head and be genuinely interested in what she’s saying.

6. Be her shoulder to lean on

Convey to her that you would like to hang out with her if you’re not too scared she’ll say no. Be observant and be focused on her. If you spot something sexy-possibly a skirt-then try to get her to go out with you. Go over and say, “Hey, you don’t want to just hang out, do you?” She may give you a “maybe” but signal to continue carrying on the conversation.

7. Pay attention

If something interesting or funny happens at an occasion or a place where you’re both present, mention it to her (different this time, try to notice it). Also look into her eyes and ask her to explain further. Girls love an animated discussion.

8. Read her body languages and emotional signals

Instructional for guys also to look for stress signs pling. Especially when she’s with friends, or out with friends, be aware of her gestures of annoyance and distance. But also be alert for more positive Signs She Wants You. peeve Tell her to show more skin.

Compliment her and say how she’s beautiful and perfect. Express admiration. Be sensual. Be slow and intoxicating. Send that butterfly feeling up her spine. Feel her so young all over again. On the other hand, if you sense she’s not into you, thank her and move on. Don’t be sad, she’s not the only one in this game. The most decent guys are wont to be discerning.

9. Smile. tells everything. Be sincere

10. Laugh. is our air of hygiene

If you don’t know how, find a book on the subject, or ask the girls at your local library. They will either be able to give you some tips or they may just figure it out.

11. Know your manners

Don’t talk incessantly, interrupt, or change the topic if your companion wants to share something about the food, environment, or yourself. Be polite. also, you should listen to whatever she has to say. remember also that you should really listen, as people do love to talk about themselves and whatever she has to say. Try to figure out what things she likes in a friend, as well as the ones that turn her off.

12. Make eye contact.

Is an obvious but often overlooked courtesy.

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