How to Get a Woman to Chase You

How to Get a Woman

The only thing that really matters when it comes to having the ability to attract the women of your dream is that you actually have those women in your life to begin with. That’s it. Nothing more. That’s the bottom line. However, for the average guy who has no game in the world when it comes to dating, this is a much bigger problem then you might actually believe.

I’m sure you’ve seen the guys who aren’t all that good looking with the hottest women who you see. He doesn’t even have much money, he doesn’t drive a race car or an exotic sports car and yet the ladies still flock to him. He doesn’t even need to be rich and famous either-he has the women doing his every bidding.

Does he have a lot of money?

Maybe… Maybe not. Is everything that involves money within your future? Maybe not… Maybe if you work hard enough and save enough money you could eventually own a race car and be dating affluent women who are dying to date you. But listen; If you’re anything like the average guy I know, then you have it within yourself to become the guy that has women knocking down his door.

You know that you have it in you to be the guy that has the most gorgeous women lusting over him wherever he goes. But how do you get there? What do you need to cultivate within yourself? When you learn to master the secrets that I am about to divulge with you, you will be able to pull any woman as well as that hot woman you’ve always noticed who makes you melt at the sight of her.

Do you want to know what those secret secrets are?

The Self-Fulfilling Prophets and The Three Rules of Successful Seduction. Here are the enlightened secrets that you have been looking for! They will take you from the realm of no return to the adeptness in selective fear Extraction. Once you catch that female’s attention, you will be able to make her lose her inhibitions and want to do everything with you.

Self-fulfilling prophets – you must focus all your energy in one direction. More often than not, when you are working on something such as seduction, your brain has the tendency to over-compensate for your lack of success in that particular instance. This is what you do not want to do.

You want to have a very strong focus on one goal. You want to have a singular focus to make your goal yours. There are many different techniques that will enable you to have unlimited self-confidence. But in the end, the best and most effective way to go about getting the woman you want is have pure positive intentions.

There are many different forms of manipulation that you can use when you want to see whether you can get a woman’s interest or not. There are also many different ways to choose the right one for you. But you must make choices carefully. Always prioritize the things that you really want in your life, and in your relationships.

One such thing that you wouldn’t want to skimp on is your grooming

This is particularly the case when you are going on a date. You remember how your mom always said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, fixing your hair and cleaning your teeth will not only detract from the first impression that you make on a girl.

It also can make her accidentally think that you are unsure of yourself. Additionally, these little acts that you are showing her doesn’t make her more attracted to you. It is these little acts that can provide for many opportunities for you to capitalize on.

By adhering to the three rules mentioned above, you will be able to make a significant difference in your game with women. Further progress may come at the later stages of learning pick-up, however it is essential to start working on these early on in the encounter. They will later serve as roadblocks between your success and failure. It is these early stages where you really make your mark.

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