How to Get Women to Chase You Instead

Get Women

Most guys think that good looks are the thing you need to get women

Happily, that’s not true. Yes, being good looking can give you an advantage, but looks alone won’t get you far. The fact of the matter is that an attractive woman has hundreds of options when it comes to guys she met in her daily life.

Roughly half of those guys will be able to rock her world with some little thing they’ve got, whether it’s a killer smile or the best piece of ass. So how do you give her the chance to see that you’re #1 instead of some other schmuck who’s fighting for her attention? You use some pretty wicked techniques that work kind of like magic.

Let Your Guard Down

Here’s the thing. Women hate big boring chumps. And trust me, attractive women are more socially aware than ever. So when she sifts through guys on the weekend, she’ll see everything that you don’t like, and everything that you like that she doesn’t.

Haters! Run. Everyone loves a good liker. So when you let your guard down and show her your true self, she’ll instantly be more attracted to you. Just be yourself. There’s no pressure. Just chill. Relax. She’ll see what she’ll be missing if she doesn’t stay and talk to you, and she’ll dishonestly fall for you if she thinks there’s no pressure keeping her attention.

Everything in Moderation

No one likes to be pressured. Just go with the flow. A very successful way to pour all this pressure is to ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to do. To prepare her mind for what’s coming up next, and to make sure she’s not thinking too much (since that’s one way to kill the attraction).

And another thing is to be prepared! Think about every interaction like a make-or-break situation, and every single detail that can go wrong a game down, so when you do get her number, instead of a Friday night car tease, pop in a line like…”I was so spooked by your eyes, and I knew it was Saturday.

Or when you call her up…”Hey, you know what, I’m actually on my way to meet a friend right now. I’ll see you on Friday. But I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes, so I’ll call you later. “Then sit back and wait. All the while, you are pre-filtering, honing your skills of the ridiculous, and shaping your identity to be the man that she will be able to identify with and be attracted to.

If she calls, and she wants to do something, and she doesn’t have the time, made a date, do NOT get all bent out of shape and be like, “Well…I’m sorry, but I’m busy on Friday, fighting off the urge to eat at a strip club. I understand, I am busy, but I promise I’ll call you on Tuesday.”

That’s just pathetic, and it doesn’t level with her needs, or level with your needs

The answer isn’t to lie, or stretch the truth, but rather dignify your need to do so. If it’s important to you that she calls you, then call her. But if it’s not all that important to you, trust me, she’ll call you anyway, so don’t force it.

The fact that you don’t have time is a red flag that needs to be handled in a mature way, such as with a wink, or by saying something like, “You know, I realize that my schedule is crazy, and I’ll be honest with you –the only thing pushing me is my need to get back in the strip club, and get my groove on. I do NOT expect you to come along with me.”

This isn’t an encouragement to go and try and disappear on her, just a suggestion that you behave in a mature way, and that you MUST include her in your life, but only on your terms. We get all bent out of shape and go wimpy on women who we can actually have a good thing going with, even if they are nothing special. But when it comes to the less than important ones, we’re like standing Still motions in training.

Our lives are like this.

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