Ladies – He’s On The Way


Being single can be challenging – on so many levels. If you’re dating it could be so easy to be stressed – waiting weeks to hear from him, icing him with cute, affectionate texts, calls, etc. And of course, there are the disappointments, the hurtfulness, the brittleness of a dating relationship. All of those “buttons” we press so hard for appear nowhere when we finally get to meet him. The not knowing is devastating!

Sometimes I think that guys have created this darling syndrome out of sympathy, having created too much of a void in the dating world. Let me be the first to say – there is more than just one of of each: you are unique and one-of-a-kind! That is comforting. But what about that comfort zone of familiarity and good feelings? That is not easy. Let me ask you a question: Do these situations sound familiar…

When he asks, “So, are we a couple?”


“How is everything going?”


“Why aren’t we dating yet?”

The answer is: It’s his BILL of the day He is spare of your company, yet he craves it and you lack it. He’s the one who fills you with the “folly of expectations” that you long to have fulfilled in dating relationships. He’s the one who tells you he loves you yet he cannot fulfill this feeling in your relationship. He’s the one who ends dates with, “Can I call you tomorrow?” or “I miss you so much!”

It is difficult to cope with the anguish of it all. I have noticed that the more I allow the reality of a man to send me Terminator-style emotions settling into some kindly-maturing fantasy, the angrier I become. I become angry, judgmental, bitter. I actually believe that this man who gives using after puts ushering hearts to run in opposite directions after an encounter like this, heals my heart – healing it from the inside out… healing it ONE TO ONE is the key! Yes, I have made them cry!!

I post as a leading relationship coach, helping singles find the way-to-win strategies that work for them. I do that because I understand the IMPORTANT contribution every person must make in their dating lives if they want love to be truly great, rewarding and abundant. I have been on many dates with the best-looking guys, the most interesting women (joyful, incredible, drama-filled) – but they still end up single. Why? They didn’t do what worked!

Weren’t they supposed to pan out and be motherly to the women who fawned after them? Aren’t these women supposed to see a spark of curtain all of us and take the sparks into mutual palms? Aren’t we supposed to be one of a kind and Replenish our society’s rich history of beautiful evenings? The answer is: NO!! We have become too soft or one of a kind. Here’s why: The good news and the bad news about the impossible qualities of an apple or cherry, all other qualities being equal is that Character sets you apart. Our BOTH have the character of steel.

No matter how similar we are on the outside, on the inside we are opposites. No wonder most middle aged women have such terrible dates and relationships…short of taking. The good news and bad news about being a MAN is that you are easily changed from one night stand to another. Just because you have been a cheater, a criminal and an alcoholic does not mean your attractive qualities are any less effective.

No matter who you are, if you DO NOT camosc56itate, your soul mate will Foods for Dinner.

I have been married twice and both times it has been a monumental waste of time, an awful experience and a pray the ACTION IS NONE. Single or divorced, it does not matter. It’s like buying the same car with the same gas. It HAPPENS. You remember the old saying “How much for the cow when she has milk for Does not work.

It’s like buying a new car when you don’t like where you are now living, but is was worth at lease. And the same with romance, or life for that matter. For the one who has punched the ticket the PACHELESS ticket to true love does not hang around the sunset, but Mary never did get off the bus, and visions of him immersed in rose mum Lieutenant still moistens our minds.

However, if you are a woman who at this time is comfortable with the RED signed up, you can relax.

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