Speed Dating


Have you noticed the growing popularity of speed dating? It’s certainly a handy option for those who are very shy or who don’t have time to find a date. Particularly for the busy professional, speed dating offers an alternative to pinning down several dates in one short summer.

However, while speed dating seems to be the trend of the moment, some people remain opposed to it on the grounds that it is essentially a waste of time. Here’s a further argument – if you have until one o’clock to make an impression, then you really are limiting your options.

After all, in the course of your lifetime, you are likely to meet literally hundreds of people. Indeed, if you think about it, you already have. The problem with speed dating is that it’s very difficult to make a smart decision with a view of building long-term trust. Some of the users of speed dating readily admit that they do spend most of their time ‘analyzing’ people at the end of the night. It’s a way of having a bit of fun at the expense of others.

Here’s an attempt to alleviate some of the possible negative responses to speed dating.

Do Friends Make Better Friends?

Now, as far as vital realties of dating go, this is one of the most fundamental questions that members ask. raw speed dating stats suggest that it is likely that friends will make better friends than strangers.

However, is it really true? It depends on the friend.

Some people are amazed when they realize that the hottest friendship they had was actually based on Speed Dating. How did it happen? Well, as I explain in a recent newsletter, it was clear from the very first speed that something was wrong. Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure – you can meet hundreds of women at an event like this and you are bound to have compatible ideas of the kind of women you want to meet.

Assuming that you don’t spend all of your time driving to and from the event, you will find that the often talked about ‘stories’ are a useful guide to who’s in the event and who they are not. It’s like a kind of inside joke between the pro’s and the cons of speed dating.

At a speed dating event there is always someone who just stands out as a particularly attractive lady. Well, unless you spend the night there, you have that opportunity to find out if you can make her your friend.

And what if she comes and talks to you first?

Well then, since you engaged her while she wasn’t with anyone, you have a rather large advantage. That advantage becomes infinitely more whilst you wait for speed dating events. She is also equally likely to be attractive and she will probably have other Single friends with her who also got the chance to meet you at this year’s event.

The first disadvantage of this approach is that given the prospect of chatting to several women at the event in order to make up your minds, you will improve your chances of only being successful with one woman.

That’s a slight hurdle, but it’s not insurmountable

The other hurdle comes with your first conversation. Once again, given the prospect of numerous first-time encounters, you will feel the pressure to be interesting, attractive and in control. In our next issue, we’ll talk about the conversation topics you should and shouldn’t use when out on speed dates.

Until then, GOOD LUCK!

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