Risky Techniques to Get a Girl to Like You

Get a Girl

In order to impress a girl you need to stand out from the crowd, and one way to do that is through ‘social proof’. What social proof means is that if you are with a group of people and a girl you like, she will be watching you and listening to what you are saying, and also checking you out to make sure you are suitable for her. Therefore, you must learn what to say and what to do in order to effectively convey your message loud and clear to her. Here is how this is done.

1. Show Self-Assurance

Almost every girl will be attracted to a guy who is self-assured and has that mild kind of authority. It’s exceptionally sexy, however, if you display this trait to a girl they will feel it’s almost as though they are sub-consciously being introduced to you. So how do you show that trait?

See, whenever you are talking to a girl act as though you are having a lot of fun, even though you really aren’t. You go out to have a good time, after all. She will end up thinking that you are self-confident and fun to be with because of it, so don’t forget to exercise this particular trait while talking to girls.

2. Display Strong Eye Contact

Girls will instantly be attracted to guys who have a problem-free attitude since it conveys that they are the strong ones in the room. So many girls want to have fun and are fun to be with, but they are afraid to just let loose and allow themselves to loosen up just because the room is too crowded for her to be able to flirt.

So, no matter what kind of eye contact you are providing to a girl, whether good eye contact where you are looking straight into her eyes from across the room or strong eye contact where you are looking down at the floor while looking at her with desperation, as though you need her to know that you are the dominant one in the room.

Another great thing you can do is hold eye contact with a girl from across the room. This will start to build up tons of curiosity with her and after a while, she will be doing her best to get your attention too. Warning: if you don’t do this, you will get caught in the friend zone very fast.

3. Take on Small Challenges to Become Attractive

The idea behind becoming attractive to girls is that the more attractive you appear to a girl, the more she will want to be with you. That goes against the popular belief of being considered pathetic by asking a girl out, which in turn pushes the girl away from you very fast in most cases. That’s why it is very important to hold yourself up to small challenges constantly.

For example, if a girl you like says she wants to play video games with you, you can jokingly refusal, but let her down, explaining to her friends that you only want to play because you love console games. By doing this, your refusal will appear much more personal and they will get sense that you are important to her, which in turn causes the girl to respect you more.

This also applies to making small decisions in your life such as always saying yes to the girl, no matter what the situation is, simply because you don’t want to offend her by being one of the “naughty” guys. The key to getting the most out of using this tactic is to limit the amount of times you say yes, to create more tension in the girl, so that she looks for ways to offend you, instead of just letting the opportunity go through to nowhere.

The best thing about this technique is that you can do it over and over again, so all the girl feels your powerful presence even if you only do it once. Try this over and over again, and it will surely drive the girl you like crazy in the end, making her want you even more than before.

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