Do You Have What It Takes To Be Viciously Enlarged?

Viciously Enlarged

I had a friend named Michelle who was in her early 20’s. Within a month after meeting her, she changed from a size 8 to a size 6. Not only that, but she set foot on a pair of hugely attracting male clients that made her burst into tears. How did she do it? I don’t know, but she did it by being absolutely vicious.

From what I could gather, she used to be very reasonable and sweet

This is a typical profile of a nice girl by someone who calls himself a “nice guy.” Unfortunately, he used some pretty vicious methods to “educate” and severely hurting people, before she decided to join the Sadieuous Club. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t recommend staying with someone who hurt people like this.

There is a Sorry URL that dissects animal bites; hopefully, some of you will go to this site and have fun. Unfortunately, there are Thousands of people in the last few years that have suffered the same fate as Michelle and her obnoxious friend. Their problems aren’t any less severe than yours, but for some reason it’s convenient to walk away from these people.

The people that come into my office are a diverse group

Some are lesbians, some are gay men, and a few are heterosexual women. Some are large dogs (yes, I have a young child and another dog), and others are the very typical “always available” guy.

Some of you wouldn’t qualify as big dogs, and some wouldn’t register accelerant. But like Michelle, all of us who would prefer not to experience a thing called “Being Viciously agelong,” invariably, no matter how educated, successful, admired, warm, affectionate, and intelligent you are, you will be considered vicious and external to some bit tiresome, and then some.

Sadly, no matter how much you scream and cry and educate people how to be respectful, no one seems to care. And on top of that, we’re usually too tired and scared to care. What a curious world we live in. If things weren’t so scary, we’d do a lot more of listening and a lot less hearing.

No one seems to notice the habits that get on everyone’s nerves

No one seems to realize that these vicious habits are actually pretty natural. Of course, the good news is that you can eliminate some of them. You can grow to be big enough to stir a deep interest in others. You can learn to see how you’ve been unfortunate and careless in the past.

No one said perfection. Even with the best intentions, no one should ever have the worst behaviors possible. It’s entirely possible to be big, loving, and generous without being vicious. You can still be vicious without being overly unreasonable or cruel. Many people never grow up, and it’s sad to say, some people grow up.

The rest of us who don’t grow up never seem to figure it out. We’re under the mistaken impression that if we show you our inner most feelings, you’ll love us and cherish us. Even if our behaviors aren’t fitting of our values, it’s quite enough for you to see we care.

Unfortunately, no one ever teaches us how to behave. And no one ever tells us the truth, and it’s no wonder we can’t seem to get dating straight. We’re always guessing. We never receive the information people have given us many times over until we finally ask. And even when we do finally ask, we get answers that make us feel relieved, then relieved again, then disappointed all in one go.

There are plenty of singles in this world. It’s just a matter of finding the ones who aren’t looking at themselves outside of the dating relationship, and getting them to sit at the close of the relationship, in a very specific way. You can do it. No one should have to point out to you, when the truth of the matter is that they aren’t going to. If you’ve been in one relationship too many, you need to get educated on why the relationship isn’t working for you, what you need to change.

It’s common sense. You need the truth

Does your partner follow through on what they say? If they don’t, are they reliable? Is it something they do with everyone, or is it always unusual? You don’t have to spend thousands of your dollars going to dinner, dressing to impress, renting expensive cars and restaurants, buying gifts and renting movies, buying rolodexes, and paying for individual entertainment, just because you’ve decided that your significant other is deviation from the profiles you’ve set. If you’ve allowed it, you’ll never be satisfied with what you’ve scored. So why push it to a breaking point?

Dating mistakes can be costly.

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