How to Get a Man to Marry You

Marry You

Are you sure you want to get a man to marry you? Have you been waiting long enough and it seems still that he is not on the point in being happily married? How to really seal the deal? Be realistic and be ready for the next step which is to follow what you have suggested. This also called for acceptance of your man and his flaws.

Many among us have been playing the long game of love, waiting for Mr. Right to find her and when he does, throwing her off, not knowing where to begin. It is essential to create a strong foundation not only in love but in understanding.

Make him adore you:

(1) Love yourself not his.(2) Listen to him notios.

Make him feel, in the right place, at the right time, with the right words and actions. He will love you.

(1) Love yourself not his

Accept the fact that you can not change him. If you wish to change him, changing yourself is the first step. You need to be resolute about the fact that he loves you for what and who you are. That is why you must love yourself first so that you will be assured that you can love him the way you want to be loved. You must love yourself first before you can love, trust and adore him.

(2) Make him adore you

Love him with all your heart. Be careful when you are loving that you look at him notions. Love is patient, kind and understanding and does not take notice of the buff on your bicep and does not become insensitive just because he has not shaved or got a new car. Remember, love is not self-seeking. You will not succeed when you try to be good to him if you are not good to yourself.

(3) Make him adore you

Be consistently sexy for him, not just for him to look at and not just for him to touch. Dress in a way that makes him weak at the knees and get him “in the mood”! Make him admit that he is crazy for you and then be casual. Do not beg him to be in the mood or nag him about the matter.

(1) Clerk, our gracious

Be resolute and confident. You are the woman who his heart is. Even if you have been patiently waiting for him, even if you have done all your “to do” list recently, do not go into the arena without the weapons if you are going to be punishes in the end. Make peace with the fact that her is the end. Draw the line where it is needed in the compromise. Early on in the dating process, do not appear as a desperate woman who is trying damn hard to have your man.

(2) Respect, our generous

Be generous with your praises. Men do love women who admire them. However, it is also important to make their presence felt in a very unique manner. You may give him a special treat every so often. You may pick up the tab (yes, you have to make sure you do not end up paying) or you may give him his space and let him be. Allow him to have a night out with the guys. You also have to consider the fact that sometimes men need some space and so you have to be there for him.

(3) Be the most caring person

Of the three types of women mentioned, only the last one is not the mother in the relationship. It is the woman who loves him most of the time. She has to make sure that she sms him once in a while when he gets home tired. She has to show him kindness in each and every manner. She has to make him feel that her love is unconditional. A caring woman is the best way to make him adore you.

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