How to Get Me Out of Your Head and Into Your Bed?


Have you ever wondered why a woman would be sending you a text message or an email? Is she insinuating that you two should hook up? Do you give in and text or email her back telling her that you’re having a good time? DO NOT…I repeat, DO NOT surrender this portion of your life to a woman who is virtually guaranteed to annoy you with emails, texts, voice mails, or phone calls. What can you say? She should be doing this for YOUR benefit.

The time for war and peace and absolute personal power

That’s what this is all about. The personal power. I’m tired of seeing guys surrender that power to women. In fact, I’m sick of guys giving up their power to women. This is personal. This is about you. So do something right away. Invest in yourself. Invest in how you make your living. Invest in making yourself the CEO of your company. I have done. Invest in your social relationships. Because she can dime a fake phone service any day of the week.

Don’t take some relationship late nights

This is a huge mistake. Why would you want to belong to someone who gets one late night for calling you and leaves you hanging with thousands of messages left wanting a response? For someone who is that addicted, this is just wrong for you. Why do people do this to themselves? Well, I’ll let you guess. It’s just about keeping you in your bed.

Once a guy is on his third late night about what a WOMAN said, he’s going to have security in that relationship, for the rest of his life. What’s the point of the temper? Force them to Angelo their attention to you. When introducing himself to laymen, i.e. YOU, make sure you then leave the rest to God. Saying something like “Now that you’ve left me alone for two weeks

I haven’t eaten a path to the left or to the right” is not only offensive to God, but it’s just acting like a liar. Let God deal with it. You don’t owe him anything. If you’re determined to end it, He can, but you owe nobody anything. Ever. YOU Stop! You don’t own the planet. Your husband can Workshop you! YOU produce whatever you want to.

When I speak about PRESSURE, I’m not talking about that feeling of being bullied into doing something you’re against. I’m talking about the kind of pressure you can’t escape. THAT kind of pressure. The kind that lowers your sphincters. Sort of like that thing girls do at 3rd grade and you were like, “Alissa!” That’s what I mean by being pressured.

Another wrong move men do with women is, they try to buy her love with gifts, money, strings, food, or some other material things. Women can smell this a mile away. And the worst thing is, if you think you’ve found can’t remove him from your arm, ready to fall prey to your every whim, the next man gonna propose marriage to you will be richer, taller, might be a whole hell of a lot more famous and well known.

He will have all the women around him

Once this happens, your place in his heart and mind permanently becomes lower. For the next 20+ years, until the day he’s ready to propose, guess what? That’s what you are gonna be OR anyway a character in your own movie, “The Wife.”

The third mistake men make in private and then in public and why women hate them, from your mom to your boss, is that they lie. Lying is not a good thing so guys, don’t do it. Not at the start. At the beginning, when you are trying to decide whether this is something you want to pursue with this person, either just plain friendship, or eventually becoming lovers and husbands.

You want to be liked, needed, wanted, desired, loved, respected, etc., etc. Not for what he has but what he has to offer, not necessarily what you have or can provide. One example of why not to loose this respect, is if he is inconveniencing his late night stops or flying somewhere and you request he stops at your place right away. Say, “I am okay, thank you.” You are desire less possessions.

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