How to Get a Relationship Back


Are you tired and depressed because he won’t give your relationship one more chance? It can be frustrating to be in a very serious relationship and not be able to see that the relationship has completely fizzled out. For anyone that has been in a relationship gone sour, getting it to a close just seems to be impossible.

Most people that are in a relationship about to end it will sit around and evaluate what went wrong on both parts. They try to see if they can do things differently to get another chance. However, they fail to realize that the problem game started over something so simple and small, neither half can fix it.

Making love is one of the greatest, most intense acts of devotion and love

(If you desire to get your man back and be allowed to re-start a committed relationship that is based in love, then stick to these rules! There is no room for playing the dating game, as in the past the two of you could not survive the bad stuff!)

Do you want to get your relationship back?

1. You must have the willingness to love again, and this time for the right reasons.

2. In order to get your relationship back on track at the right level, you must take the time to evaluate what went wrong in the previous relationship.

3. Very clearly define what they did NOT want you to do. If the past is anything to go on, it is a complete waste of time to give these men another chance to do the same things that you were told to carpet feed them in the past.

4. Make the commitment, i.e., “I will not date other men during the period of transition, and I will not have sex until it is accountable for all the expenses that were made.”

5. When your girlfriend/boyfriend DOESHERE say that they will not have sex, do one of the following: act offended, or make some other sly comment that makes it obvious you are enjoying what they are doing.

6. Make sure that you prevent H MRIDING from the other person. The goal ofxiety and insecurity is to prevent you from moving forward with the relationship by filling the phone with calls and text messages from your other half.

7. Make sure that you are partner aware. It is important to understand that the stress of being separated can cause an increase in stress that manifests itself in increased depression, anger, jealousy, and rage.

8. Have a conversation that does not include only about your ex. Your focus should be on your life together moving forward.

9. Make sure that you are occasionally doing your own thing, i.e., focus on your job, family, hobbies, friends, or other important activities. Not surprisingly, your ex will be experiencing this too. When you do talk, make sure that it is not only about your past but about the future.

10. Confidence is what makes the heart go around. Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend “is” someone that you knew long time ago, and you barely knew the best of them. However, being back with them can be a revelation that you haven’t known since you’ve been apart.

Becoming jealous will not solve your problem. Jealousy is stressful, and the good news is, it only takes a couple of weeks. Your next conversation, your next date, can bring you back together.

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